Sunday, October 19, 2008


Once more Intocables has led humiliation get through it's history, and on the first pink day of the Club the ultra posh players from Pinar Rangers scored up to six goals while Super Folleitor and Yoko Ono left the team alone against danger. Never mind, for we can consider our favorite team following the glorious path of last year's league, just finished with another astonishing humiliation against Quémásdá (5-1). Special mention is to be made to Abreu, our best forward today who against his legend was the only one today to push the ball into the net. Congratulations to him


bizarro con interrupciones said...

Powerful, Mighty, your team, ain´t it ? :-)

Nice to hear that at least you´re having fun...!!!

Jaime said...

No wonder why we have such an awful reputation..

Our aim is to finish in third place this year, you'll see us succeed!